The third version of the Latin American Congress on Biorefineries will be held between November 19th and 21st, which is the leading event in Latin American on new uses of forest, agricultural and microalgal biomass as source for the production of biofuels, chemical products, bioenergy and biomaterials.
This time, the subject of the event is “Ideas for a Sustainable World” and the organization is in charge of the Technological Development Unit (UDT) and the Biotechnology Center, both of the Universidad de Concepción, and the Scientific and Technological Center in Bio-resources (BIOREN) of the Universidad de La Frontera.
The Congress will be held in Pucon, Chile, and expects to receive representatives from the productive, academic and public sector; in particular, professionals, executives and scientists.
The thematic areas that will be addressed include chemical processes to obtain intermediate products of commercial interest; thermochemical processes to produce solid, liquid and gaseous biofuels; biological processes for the conversion of biomass into products of scientific and/or commercial interest; and sustainability, focused on the life cycle analysis in biorefining processes.
The website of the Congress is