I have supported the development of UDT since the beginning, recognizing its fundamental function as a promoter of applied research in Chile and, even more valuable, in regions far from the suffocating centralism of Santiago.

In turn, UDT has been key to carrying out many innovation projects, driving the growth of the companies in which I have worked professionally.

Cristian Westermeyer, Resinas del Bío Bío S.A.

UDT and in particular the Biomaterials Department stand out for the high professional level of the staff. In addition, it has a focus on research and development applied to the reality that industries require in Chile.

It has been an excellent complement to the R&D that is carried out in our company, providing knowledge and becoming a reference in the global trends regarding polymer development.

Francisco Cruz, Atando Cabos

My relationship with UDT has been quite relieving, since in the two companies where we have worked together, there are very few professionals and they have a specialty in animal production; therefore, it was very difficult to make decisions in other matters, without their help. In addition to cooperating on specific issues, UDT professionals conducted a complete evaluation on relevant issues and that effectively helped us improving our processes.

Bernardita Hernández, Fundo el Peumo

M. Maritano Industria de Jabones S.A., began its relationship with UDT in 2016. UDT provided us with a multidisciplinary team of specialists, which helped us to develop projects under the Corfo program successfully.

We are currently working on two R&D projects together with professionals from UDT, in which we have placed our trust to carry out these investigations. UDT has given us confidence and security, so we will continue working with them in our next developments.