IIn 2006, UDT was selected by CONICYT as a Scientific and Technological Center of Excellence within the framework of the CONICYT Baseline Financing Program. This Program considers the financing of interdisciplinary R&D groups focused on the country’s challenges, in which basic and applied research of excellence converge in close contact with the productive sector and connected with the world.

The objectives of the Basal Financing Program are:

  • Improvement of the quality and relevance of national research.
  • Strengthening and expansion of centers of excellence that develop high quality research in thematic areas of strategic importance for national development.
  • Development of advanced and excellence human capital.
  • Application and transfer of research results that contribute to public policy and/or increase the competitiveness of the Chilean economy.
  • Establishment and improvement of international cooperative research networks.
  • Access of national researchers to frontier knowledge in strategic areas for the development of Chile.

The results of UDT have been evaluated annually by international experts, who account for their scope, magnitude and impact. 

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