During April 23, the Technological Development Unit received the visit of an expert mission from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) coordinated by the National Council of Innovation for Development (CNID). The purpose of this activity was to gather information on the work of our center in order to nationally contextualize the work of institutions related to science and technology.

The records obtained during the visit will be used for the formulation of strategic guidelines for public policies on science and technology for the development of Chile. The members of this committee were Dr. Jean Guinet, Dr. Nicholas Vonortas and Dr. Wolfgang Port, all consultants convened by the OECD, for this task.

The visit consisted of a meeting where María José Menéndez, Manager of Science for Development of CNID, Dr. Alex Berg, Executive Director of UDT, and the heads of the Chemical Products and Environment Departments of UDT, Dr. Cecilia Fuentealba and Carla Perez respectively, were also present. The delegation toured the laboratories and pilot plants of the unit.

The experts will visit other Research Centers with public funding from different parts of the country, between April 20 and 24.