Within the facilities of the Technological Development Unit (UDT), the Board of Directors of UDT met on July 17, which is led by Sergio Lavanchy, Rector of the Universidad de Concepción. This entity also consists of Bernabé Rivas, Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development; Joel Zambrano, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering; Adelio Matamala, Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences; Carlos Calvo, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy; Franklin Carrasco, Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Oceanographic Sciences; Manuel Sánchez, Dean of the Faculty of Forest Sciences; Marcelo Molina, Director of Research & Development; and Alex Berg, Executive Director of UDT.

The meeting aimed to reveal the results of the work at UDT among which the creation of 4 spin-off companies over the past 4 four years and the application of 24 invention patents during the same period were highlighted. Another point noteworthy was the increase from 66 people associated to UDT in 2009 to 104 in 2011.

The event culminated with a tour through the laboratories and pilot plants of UDT.