UdeC 2017 Awards: “Impact Science” is an initiative co-organized by the Research and Development Vice-Rectory and the Bioeconomy Performance Agreements and INNBIO of the Universidad de Concepción, as an instance to acknowledge academicians who have actively participated in processes of intellectual property protection and transfer of R&D results, contributing to the commercialization of UdeC technologies.

In this first 2017 version, 4 categories were recognized: Invention protection for generating a patent application; Technology transfer, who transferred some R&D result to the industry (license), Innovative technology-based company for creating a Technology Based Entrepreneurship (EBT in Spanish) and UdeC Impact Category for contributing to make a new product and/or service available to society (first sales of a product/service based on UdeC technology).

In the category of Invention Protection, there were 3 award winning UDT teams:

Cristian Miranda González for “A polymeric material that prevents and / or reduces the formation of biofilms on the surface and that is useful for the production of medical materials”, Patent Application No. 201600965

Néstor Urra Núñez, Catalina Castillo Sepúlveda and Álvaro Maldonado Mendoza, for “A biodegradable system for clonal multiplication of woody plants and forest or fruit species of mass production”, Patent Application No. 201603373

Cecilia Fuentealba Becerra, Juan Pablo Salazar Montory, Johana Vega Lara and Alex Berg Gebert, for “A process for obtaining a fibrous material from bark useful for manufacturing insulation materials, Patent Application No. 201603408