An approach to the science of solar reactors had young people attending El Renoval School inside the Provisional Internment Center (CIP in Spanish) of Sename in Coronel. On Friday, October 5, Dr. Juan Matos, researcher in the area of Bioenergy of UDT, offered the talk “Assessment of biomass waste and manufacture of solar photoreactors for the purification of contaminated water”, in which he explained his research within UDT on how coals can be developed from waste to help decontaminate water and generate energy.

Dr. Romina Romero, also from the Bioenergy Department, presented the talk “Valorization of radiata pine bark waste” in 2 educational facilities on Thursday, October 11, the Instituto Humanidades San Francisco de Asis of Lota and the El Renoval School of CIP – Sename of Coronel, in which the students were able to find out what products can be obtained from pine bark, a by-product of the forest industry that is normally considered a waste.

It should be noted that both researchers went to the establishment that is inside the Provisional Internment Center of Coronel in charge of the Tierra de Esperanza Foundation, that serves young offenders deprived of liberty, and who do not have regular access to initiatives of this kind. UDT congratulates the professionals who work with these young people who seek to finish their studies and work towards social reintegration.

Since its creation, 1000 Scientists, 1000 Classrooms has gathered more than 6,000 researchers from various disciplines in more than 5,000 educational facilities that have participated in this initiative at the national level, which seeks to bring scientific knowledge directly to the classrooms, so that school children know firsthand how science is made in our country.