With the role No. SR-159, from March 20 this year, UDT became part of the more than 200 institutions in the country that are registered on the Register of Centers for conducting research or development activities for purposes of the tax incentive Act to private investment in research and development of the Production Development Corporation (CORFO).

This record was created in the context of the R&D Act, which aims to promote the involvement of Research Centers such as UDT, with different companies that will be able to reduce their investment costs in R&D. Thus, the legislation allows these organizations to enter into contracts, where companies will have access to a tax incentive that will cut, through first category taxes, 35% of the resources allocated to research and development activities. All of the above duly certified by CORFO.

In this sense, the Act 20.214 completely supports contracted activities to a specialized R&D Center, and has the advantage to be compatible and complementary to other public funding. According to the Production Development Corporation website: “The benefit is applied to current and capital expenditures (infrastructure, equipment, etc.), all of these related to conducting R&D activities previously certified by Corfo”.

“As a Research Center, we expect companies to know how they can seek improvements to their competitiveness through UDT. We want organizations to reach us in order to provide them with technological solutions based on our capabilities of process scaling at the laboratory and pilot level, through R&D projects or activities”, said Ignacio Muñoz, Head of the Technology Management Department of Technological Development Unit, regarding the accreditation.

Within this Registry of Research Centers, also various faculties and centers of the Universidad de Concepcion are registered, for example: the Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Biotechnology Center, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Technology Research Institute, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Center for Optics and Photonics.