With more than 120 people, the seminar on “Creating value from waste: Chemical recycling of plastics” was carried out on June 26.


  • “The Way of Recycling in Chile”. Juan Carlos Carrasco, PhD Student Wood Science and Technology, West Virginia University, Chemical Engineer UdeC.
  • “The scenario facing the Plastics Recycling Market in Chile”. Mariela Formas, General Manager of the Industrial Association of Plastic (ASIPLA).
  • “Entrepreneurship and Development in the Waste Industry: the case of PTH Environmental Companies”. Cristian Rojas, General Manager of PTH G.A. Ltda.
  • “Engaging with waste: The case of Chilerecicla”. Francisco Fernández, General Manager of Chilerecicla Ltda.
  • “From plastic to oil by-products: Is it possible today in Chile?”. Dr. Alex Berg, Executive Director of UDT.
  • “Converting plastic waste into hydrocarbons: An alternative to the current use of plastic waste”. Carla Perez, Head of the Environment Department at UDT, Project Director.