Brand and model: Own manufacture

Capacity: 200 – 400 kg/h

Description: The plant, built in the structure of a 20-foot container, is divided into two parts: the loading hopper and the pressing area. The hopper, with a capacity of 7m3, has a moving floor that pushes the biomass onto the conveyor belt and takes the material to a lung tank where it is temporarily stored and feeds the dosing screw of the pelletizing press. The press is composed of Kahl horizontal discs, press model 33-390 cpl. The pellets are passed through a vibrating screen to extract fine products, then they are conducted to a cooler, where they remain for about 4 minutes, and finally they are evacuated and packaged A new tank was incorporated with a dosing screw, which allows adding additives or other materials to the pelletizing process.