Brand and model: UDT- owned and manufactured

Superheated vapor temperature: 300-500 °C

Maximum flow of superheated vapor: 200 – 300 kg/h

Working pressure: 0 – 1 bar

Chamber dimension: 650 mm x 650 mm x 6500 mm

Useful capacity: 0,84 m3

Chamber material: Carbon steel ASTM A-42

Description: It has a chamber of 4,22 m3 and 2,55 m3, in which the wood to be treated is located. The heating is direct, either with vapor or oils/waxes.

The plant consists of:

  1. Thermal treatment chamber
  2. Centrifugal fan
  3. Vapor superheater
  4. Tube and shell exchanger
  5. Tubular step exchanger
  6. 16 measuring devices (thermometers, compound gauges and pressure gauges)
  7. 20 valves (for purge lines and supersaturated, superheated and recirculation vapor lines)