Brand and model: Sprout-Bauer type, H. Thalhammer K.G. manufacturer, Austria.

Capacity: Approx. 180 kg of wood/h

Description: The plant is continuous and consists of the following parts:

  1. Wood feeding hopper.
  2. Inlet valves.
  3. Area of digestion and incorporation of reagents.
  4. Refiner.
  5. Blowing line.
  6. Pneumatic dryer.
  7. Cyclone.
  8. Gas burner.

(1) to (4) parts are used to produce type TMP or CTMP fibers and (1) to (8) parts constitute the necessary equipment to produce stuck fibers for MDF boards. The refiner has 14 inches in diameter and the maximum pressure in the digester is 12 bar.