Brand-Model: Own manufacture

Capacity: 120-200 gr/h

Description: The gasification plant is composed of a 310 stainless steel reactor that operates at a pressure slightly higher than atmospheric (1-5 psi) and at a temperature range between 850-950°C. The necessary energy is obtained by partial combustion of the lignocellulosic biomass used and an electric furnace of 3,5 KW. The biomass feed to the reactor is through a screw. Air is used as a gasifying agent with an equivalence factor between 0.25-030 to guarantee gasification conditions. The gas generated in the gasifier is transported downstream of the system through heated pipes, maintaining the temperature above 400ºC, thus avoiding the intermediate condensation of the heavy organic fraction (tars). The gas produced – a gaseous mixture that contains mainly CO, CO2, CH4, H2, H2O(v), particulate material and tars – will enter the cleaning system that contains the synthesized catalysts. After the cleaning system, the gas will be conducted to the tar capture/quantification system and the gas analysis system to finally be burned in a torch. Throughout the whole test system, there is a set of sensors that allow to remotely know the temperatures and pressure in the reaction zones and specific points.