Brand and model: SIMES Homogenizer HMG-SAN-2- 2M model and several additional components.

Capacity: 80 L/h nominal (water).

Description: The system allows homogenizing liquid-liquid mixtures and suspensions of low consistency solid. The plant can operate with various solvents, including explosive atmospheres. The plant consists of the following parts:

  1. SIMES HMG-SAN-2-2m 3-piston double acting homogenizer, capable of operating up to 600 bar pressure, with a nominal flow of 80 L/h
  2. Two hermetic 304 sanitary stainless steel storage tanks with capacity of 50 L
  3. Two SEW explosion-proof gearmotors of 75 Hz and 0.75 kW
  4. Instrumentation for recording temperature and pressure
  5. A remote control panel