a) Laboratory flash pyrolyzer I

Brand and model: Manufactured in UMAINE, USA.

Capacity: Approx. 1 g/min

Description: It is a biomass flash pyrolysis plant that has a fluidized bed reactor and is heated by tube furnace. The gas cleaning train consists of a hot filter. The condensing system is composed of a stainless steel condenser, followed by an electrostatic precipitator. The feeding system consists of a closed hopper and a dosing screw that feeds a device where it is pneumatically driven into the reactor, using nitrogen as carrier gas.

b) Laboratory flash pyrolyzer II

Brand and model: UDT- owned and manufactured

Capacity: Approx. 500 g of polymer/trial

Description: Plastic pyrolysis plant is operated as batch, works in vacuum and consists of the following parts:

  1. Furnace (maximum operating temperature: 1100 °C).
  2. Pyrolyzer(operating temperature: 400-600°C).
  3. Condensation system consisting of an indirect contact condenser and water trap system, aimed at the collection of solid and liquid products obtained from the pyrolysis process.

c) Pilot flash pyrolyzer

Brand and model: UDT- owned and manufactured.

Capacity: 20 kg/h of biomass

Description: The fast pyrolysis plant uses own technology developed by the Technological Development Unit. It consists of a system of three fluidized bed reactors in series: charcoal combustion lower reactor, fast pyrolysis intermediate and higher preheating, which are connected to each other by a pneumatic system that allows recirculation of the particulate material comprising the beds; In addition to a hot vapor filtration system, a rapid cooling equipment for organic vapors and an electrostatic filter. The plant has a maximum processing capacity of 20 kg/h of biomass, with a pyrolytic liquid yield of 70% on a dry basis.