The Analytical Services Department (ASD) of UDT/EST aims to meet internal and external demands for analytical services into two main fields of action: the analysis and characterization of biofuels (biomass) and characterization of hazardous waste. Both courses of action are the result of the experience gained in the processes of scientific and technological research conducted, the provision of technical assistance services, the identification of requirements set by current environmental regulations and new national technological trends in the field of bioenergy. Thus, capabilities have been developed and investments have been made in adequate and state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure, along with professional and technical personnel training to provide a growing range of analytical services:


ASD has been recognized by the National Institute of Standardization, INN, granting the accreditation as a testing laboratory according to NCh.ISO 17025. Of2005, in two areas:

Physical Chemistry for Biomass, LE 1138 certificate, with scope in the following tests:

  • Ashes, UNE-EN 14775 (2010) and UNE CEN/TS 14780 Ex (2012)
  • Humidity, UNE-EN 14773-3 (2012) and UNE CEN/TS 14780 Ex (2012)
  • Calorific value, UNE-EN 14918 (2011) and UNE CEN/TS 14780 Ex (2012)

Hazardous Waste Chemistry, LE638 certificate, with scope in the following tests:

  • Corrosivity, EPA 1110A, 2004
  • Inflammability, EPA 1010A, 2004
  • Sampling waste piles, ASTM D4687-95 (reapproved 2006) and ASTM D6009-96 (reapproved 2006)
  • Sampling of waste in drums, AST: D4687-95 (reapproved 2006), ASTM D5679-95A (reapproved 2006) and ASTM D5680-10

“It also has recognition from the Health Authority under Article No. 6 of the Regulation of Private Laboratories for the Characterization of Hazardous Waste No. 173/2006 by Resolution No. 2C7/13058 of September 24, 2007.”


Marcelo Finsterbusch, Comercial Head, Analytical Service / +56 41 266 1821