[dropcap color=”” boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]U[/dropcap]DT is a Technological Scientific Center of Excellence recognized by CONICYT that depends on the Vice-Rectory of Research and Development of the University of Concepción. Its main area of work is the development and scaling of processes based on lignocellulosic biomass and the development of chemical, thermoplastic and energy products from them.

Applicants must (i) hold a PhD degree, (ii) have special interest in applying the scientific method in the search for technological solutions, (iii) have experience and/or postdoctoral studies in topics related to bioeconomy and (iv) have leadership and flexibility to develop new lines of research.

For the Bioproducts Department, it is necessary to hire a researcher with experience in the extraction, processing and purification of natural extracts through physical or chemical principles; Typically membrane, chromatographic or thermal separation technologies with an emphasis on process scaling.

For the position offered in the Bioenergy Department, candidates with experience in some of the following areas will be favored: thermo-chemical processes for the conversion of biomass (pyrolysis, gasification, HTC), synthesis of energy vectors as a mechanism for storing solar energy, thermal energy storage systems and development of advanced carbonaceous materials from biochar.

The Biomaterials Department, on the other hand, requires hiring a researcher with experience in characterization, formulation, transformation and / or use of thermoplastic materials; Ideally biobased plastics with active properties for packaging and food packaging.

The salary offered is according to the experience and a motivating and challenging working environment is provided. UDT has specialized staff working collaboratively with companies and research centers in the country and abroad, and has complete infrastructure and research equipment at the laboratory and pilot level. For more information, visit our Web site www.udt.cl.

Those interested are required to submit a curriculum vitae, list of publications and a letter of intent to: Mónica Paz, m.paz@udt.cl. The application term expires on July 7, 2017.