The Department of International Relations of CONICYT and the Ministry of Energy, under the framework of the Transfer Agreement signed in 2011 between both institutions, awarded the benefits to the applications submitted to the third version of the “Energy Program”, whose central point has been the capacity building in the energy field, thus allowing to activate the mobility and international cooperation in the subject in public and private sectors and the academy.
The program considers two annual call for bids: “Capacity building courses in the energy field” and the Program of “Internships abroad for researchers; professionals from the private sector, professionals and civil servants from public institutions.
Capacity building courses in the energy field for professionals and technicians, with the presence of renowned international exhibitors, are aimed at universities, technical and research institutes and centers.
For its part, the internship program abroad invites researchers, private sector professionals and civil servants and professionals from public institutions for short-term internships (between one and six months) in institutions, laboratories and/or companies of excellence abroad.

Selected Candidates

The Technological Development Unit (UDT) of the Universidad de Concepcion was awarded the fulfillment of a course in the biogas field, which will be organized by the Bioenergy Area of the Research Center.
Also, the Executive Director of UDT, Dr. Alex Berg was selected for an internship consisting of 10 weeks in Finland at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), in which he will study the pyrolysis of biomass and conversion of pyrolitic liquids in industrial and vehicle fuels.