The Vice-Rector for Research and Development, Dr. Carlos González, indicated that obtaining patent number 100 of the Universidad de Concepción is a major milestone. “This reflects our effort to protect the creation of researchers and our contribution to the enhancement of ideas from both the university and outside of it”, he said.

This effort was materialized in 2003 with the creation of the Intellectual Property Unit of UdeC, which is responsible for advising on this matter to those who require it and process patent applications, trademarks and copyrights.

“UdeC is the only university that has a unit specifically dedicated to this, echoing the State’s intention to strengthen the intellectual property protection in the country”, said the Vice-Rector. Thus, UPI provides a service not only to researchers of UdeC but all inventors who want advice and support in this area.

The importance of patenting a technology is that the State gives the inventor an exclusive right to exploit it. If you do not have protection through the intellectual property system, you run the risk that potential competitors copy the product and market it without having to financially compensate the creators of the invention.

The first patent of UdeC was filed in 1975. At this time, the Universidad de Concepción has been highlighted as one of the schools with larger number of applications, including being recognized this year in the Intellectual Property World Day.

“It is important to mention that currently, the processing time of a patent, since its introduction at the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inapi) until it is granted, is an average of 4.5 years. However, before the creation of this entity in 2009, it was about 7.9 years”, said Ximena Sepulveda, Head of UPI.

The patent holding the honor of being the 100th of our university corresponds to a reactor system and its process for producing bio-oil by ultra-fast pyrolysis of plant organic material. It was developed by Igor Wilkomirsky of the Faculty of Engineering in conjunction with the Technological Development Unit.

In addition, UPI urges researchers to not only record their ideas, but also to market them. For that, the Vice-Rectory for Research and Development has the Transfer and Licensing Office that provides advice in this regard, and together with other entities supporting the development of the creation such as the business incubator called IncubaUdeC.

Source: Panorama UdeC, Monserrat Quezada