Students from the School Andrés Bello de Michaihue today met with Dr. Cecilia Fuentealba, Head of the Department of Chemical Products of Technological Development Unit (UDT) of the University of Concepción, to discuss about the wood and its byproducts, and their importance in the future of the nation.

According to the Director of Explora, Dr. Jose Martinez, the talk took place as a result of the exposition “Science changes our lives” that was held in CICAT, where the idea is to show the children through examples how science affects our everyday life and activities.

Director Martínez mentions that the direct interaction between the scientists and children is interesting “as in today´s case, despite the small number, children are very interested on the topic with a great environmental awareness that can be perceived in their questions”.

The talk is an initiative of Explora Conicyt, the Directorate of Extension and UDT
Source: Panorama UdeC/ UDT