Nearly 6,000 people arrived at the Sur Activo event center on October 9 and 10 to participate in Science without Fiction, a scientific dissemination event organized by the Chile 2100 Foundation, held during the traditional National Week of Science and Technology that each year is carried out by the EXPLORA CONICYT Program throughout the country, and that is promoted in the VIII Region by PAR EXPLORA Biobío.

There were 2 days in which 30 men and women of science exposed in a simple and entertaining language, their main subjects of study were: the first coastal mining geopark of Biobío, myths and realities of transgenics, climate change, Big Data, science with social impact, migrations, the oceans, among many others. All these talks were transmitted via streaming and translated into sign language, delivering a close and inclusive experience.

The main “science stars” were the astronomer and National Science Prize, José Maza, who enchanted a full audience with his lecture “Mars: the next frontier” and the biochemist and disseminator Gabriel León, author of “La Ciencia Pop”, who offered an entertaining “Brief history of human nutrition”.

In the room next to the stage of the talks, various stands were presented with the researches and innovations of students from Inacap and institutions such as UCSC, INCAR, CIBAS or CIEDE. In this context, UDT offered an entertaining workshop for elementary school students who had the opportunity to make a pot based on sawdust, cold glue and water, understanding in practice that a material that is considered a waste, such as sawdust, can be the raw material to create a new product. The same that UDT makes with the agricultural and forest biomass that the industries eliminate.

An enriching experience that was complemented on Wednesday with the presence of students participating in the Biobio Provincial Scientific School Congress, who took full advantage of the opportunity to listen to various S&T talks and were the most enthusiastic at the time of making science and create their own sawdust pot.