The talks are part of a new cycle of conversations called “Conversaciencia”, an alliance that has been carried out for three years by the Vice-Rector for Research and Development of the Universidad de Concepción with the Viva Mirador Bío Bío Library.

An aluminum recycling process that leaves no residues and allows going from beer cans to bicycle frames; a powder of lemon juice that has the exact dose to lower hypertension; a mixture of wood and plastic waste that allows the creation of household utensils that Homecenter Sodimac sells today, and cosmetic creams based on microalgae.

These are inventions created by scientists from the Universidad de Concepción and whose scientific and creative process will be shared every Monday in August at 7:00 pm at the Viva Library of the Mirador Bío Bío Mall.

“For us it is very important that people know the results of the research that is carried out in our university, since all of it aims to positively impact everyone’s life. A great example of this are the inventions of these four scientists, so we are happy that they can present the entire process of years that occurs behind the results of the research”, said the Vice-Rector for Research and Development, Dr. Andrea Rodríguez

Nathalie Labbé, Deputy Director of the Viva Bío Bío Library, commented: “this year’s cycle is framed within the theme that as a library we define for the month of August, which is ‘Creators’. Therefore, we believe that it will have an excellent reception, as has happened on previous occasions with scientific themes. Our alliance with UdeC has been very fruitful because in addition to this cycle, we are distribution point of the R&D+i Journal, which our users like a lot”.

Monday, August 6: Bicycle frames with drink cans. Claudia Carrasco

Monday August 13: Lemon juice powder for hypertension. Marcia Avello

Monday August 20: Wood + Plastic. Carolina Olivari

Monday August 27: Cosmetics from microalgae. Patricia Gómez


Source: Monserrat Quezada. Vice-Rectory for Research and Development of UdeC