Brand and model: UDT- owned and manufactured

Capacity: 20 kg/h

Description: The plastic pyrolysis plant is composed of a stirred reactor equipped with an anchor-type stirrer and built entirely in AISI 316L steel. The energy required for the reaction is given by electrical resistors. The feed to the reactor is carried out in a molten form by an extruder, which is heated, in turn, by electrical resistors. Gasified products may vary depending on the operating conditions used and they are produced from liquid (pyrolytic oils) to solid (pyrolytic waxes) hydrocarbons at room temperature with a higher or lower gas content, respectively. These products are condensed in double layer exchangers equipped with interior baffles to improve the heat exchange in the condenser. The plant operates under vacuum conditions, which is produced by means of a Venturi ejector which providing pressure levels around 100 mbar.