a) Brand and model: Tsa Industriale S.r.I Extruder, tsa EMP 45-40

Capacity: 100 kg/h (thermoplastic compounds).

Description: The plant can produce composite materials in the form of pellets or profiles and is composed of three equipment connected in series: A rotary dryer, a twin-screw extruder and a pelletizer with pneumatic cooling (manufacturer: Erema).

The rotary dryer is connected to the feeding of the extruder and allows drying the material before it enters to the extrusion stage. The twin-screw extruder is 45 mm in diameter, with an L/D ratio of 40 and has two gravimetric feeders (Brabender brand). It can produce different types of composite materials (wood-plastic, reinforced plastics, masterbatches and nanomaterials, among others). It has different molds.

b) Brand and model: Labtech Engineering Co. LTE26 Extruder

Capacity: 30 kg/h (thermoplastic compounds).

Description: This extruder has the capacity of producing thermoplastic composite materials in the form of pellets. This twin-screw and co-rotary extruder is 26 mm in diameter of screws with an L/D ratio of 40. It has two gravimetric feeders, which allows it to produce biodegradable, nanomaterial and wood-plastic material compounds.