The Technological Development Unit (UDT) of the Universidad de Concepción invites students from doctoral programs in Chile and abroad for a research stay for six months or more in its facilities. UDT is an R&D+i Center specialized in developing new products and processes from lignocellulosic raw materials. It has a staff of 120 people, including scientists, professionals and technicians, with an excellent infrastructure of process scaling and access to first-rate laboratories, either their own or from other university departments.Topics of interest are preferably the following:Bioenergy Department

  • Thermochemical conversion of biomass, preferably through fast or slow pyrolysis;
  • Torrefaction of forest biomass;
  • Small-scale cogeneration technologies;
  • Hydrodeoxygenation of lignocellulosic compounds;
  • Other thermochemical conversion processes.

Biomaterials Department

  • Plastic biomaterials based on starch, polylactic acid or cellulose acetate;
  • Plastic materials with oxygen barrier or antifungal surface;
  • Application of wood polysaccharides or algae in thermoplastic resins;
  • Bioplastics for packaging and agriculture;
  • Other innovations related to bioplastics and functional plastics.
  • Production and characterization of biochar and other carbonaceous (nano)materials.

Chemical Products Department

  • Extraction, purification and use of polyphenolic bark extracts.
  • Delignification processes of wood and annual plants with organic solvents.
  • Processing and use of lignin.
  • Obtaining, characterization and use of wood accessory compounds and agents with biological activity from plant matrices.
  • Forest biorefineries.
  • Development of analytical methodologies related to forest biomass or products from their chemical or thermochemical conversion.

Environment Department

  • New uses of waste from the forest industry, including biomass combustion.
  • Bioremediation of soil and the atmosphere.
  • Thermochemical conversion of waste plastics.
  • Cycle study and water consumption reduction in the pulp industry.
  • Thermal efficiency of industrial processes.
  • Other issues related to forest biorefineries and the forest-industrial industry.

We offer the possibility to use our laboratories and excellent demonstrative production and process scaling pilot plants; work in a pleasant, stimulating and challenging environment; have options of multidisciplinary collaboration with students and academicians of the Universidad de Concepcion; and be part of domestic and foreign networks. Moreover, we provide you with financing of up to US$10,000 for traveling expenses, accommodation and the development of your research.

Contact us! Fill out this form and send it to The next call for a research stay from March 1st, 2014 ends on December 31st.