Brand: Perkin Elmer

Model: Optima 7000DV

Description: This equipment is used to determine multiple elements. It uses a source of inductively coupled plasma to excite electrons in the elements of interest, which when returning to their basal state emit rays at a characteristic wavelength, this being proportional to their concentration. Due to the operating temperature, it simplifies the matrices of the samples prepared by minimizing the addition of reagents (or in relation to similar techniques with atomic absorption). The applications within the laboratory are the determination of major (Al, Ca, Fe, Mg, P, K, Si, Na and Ti) and minority elements (As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, Sb, V and Zn) in biomass, biofuels, ashes and heavy metals (Ag, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb and Se) according to what is indicated in the DS-148.