Plastics are present in all areas of our work. Among their attributes, it is worth mentioning the excellent mechanical properties, low density, easy transformation and a great diversity of uses; but also, in many of them, a long persistence in the environment, due to their very slow natural degradation. The annual consumption of plastics in Chile is about one million tons of which less than 9% is recycled; the remaining 91% is deposited in landfills or spread on land, river currents and the sea, with obvious environmental and ecological costs.

UDT developed a process for chemical recycling of post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. In modular plants and through a thermal process called pyrolysis, waxes are generated, very similar to those currently obtained from oil refineries (slack wax by lubricant dewaxing) or through chemical synthesis called Fischer Tropsch. Although there are multiple applications for this product, several in the development stage and demonstrative application stage in UDT, our main focus is on obtaining hydrophobic agents (water repellent) for reconstituted wood boards (particle boards and MDF).