Dr. Cristina Segura, head of the Bioenergy Department of the Technological Development Unit, UDT, of the Universidad de Concepción, is one of the new directors of the Chilean Association of Biomass A.G., AChBIOM, an organization that groups together companies and institutions related to the use, production and management of biomass, mainly as an energy source.

AChBIOM was founded in 2017 with the objectives of educating about the advantages of using biomass, as a renewable and sustainable energy source, work together with the State on rules and regulations that provide transparency and reduce the risk of investing in the sector, and develop business opportunities for participants. In its last General Assembly of Members, it was agreed to incorporate two new directors. 5 candidates were presented, among them, Dr. Cristina Segura, head of the Bioenergy Department and expert in thermochemical conversion processes of lignocellulosic biomass. Dr. Segura was elected with the first majority, 75% of the preferences.

Among her main new tasks at AChBIOM will be “to actively participate in the Association’s Board of Directors, lead some of the work commissions and make herself available to the board of directors, strengthen the positioning of the biomass and bioenergy sector in the country, and spread the economic, social and environmental benefits of the efficient use of biomass”, explains Dr. Cristina Segura.

The Association seeks to maintain continuous contact with all stakeholders, especially with national and international innovation centers, who are working to enhance the advantages of biomass, “a renewable, clean energy resource, locally produced, CO neutral and a source for the production of sustainable biofuels. Furthermore, it is a raw material that can be used as a precursor for chemical products and oil-based materials”, highlights Dr. Segura, thinking about the future of biomass research and its new possibilities.

+ info: http://achbiom.cl/