The Department of Civil Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering UdeC, together with UDT through the Conicyt Project MEC80170053 “Attraction of advanced human capital from abroad, short stay modality (MEC in Spanish)”, invites everyone to the talk called “A Systems Approach to Biorefineries Based on Woody Biomass” to be held by Prof. Stephen Kelley from North Carolina State University, next Thursday, October 25 at 12 pm in the Hugo Segura auditorium, Gustavo Pizarro Building, Universidad de Concepción.

The conference will discuss the systemic approach that was used to evaluate the economic, environmental and social implications of using alternative sources of forest biomass for bioenergy production. This work includes the development of engineering models of processes sensitive to composition, production and biomass supply chains and an analysis of the resulting financial and environmental implications. The scope of using mixtures of biomass sources was also evaluated. Some examples of the use of quantitative linear programming tools and qualitative decision tools considering multiple attributes will be discussed.

Stephen Kelley is Ph.D. in Chemistry (Biopolymers) from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and currently a professor in the Department of Forest Biomaterials at the North Caroline State University in the United States. He teaches Chemistry of Wood and Adhesives and Wood Compounds. His research interests include the sustainable production of energy and materials from biomass, and the application of novel analytical tools to biomass.

He worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in biomass conversion technologies, exercising technical and innovation leadership in the areas of biomass characterization, production of value-added bioproducts, thermal conversion processes and project management. He also has experience in the industry, developing new materials based on cellulose and membrane processes.

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