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In order to consolidate the associative CTCI in the country, to strengthen the system of Centers of Excellence and to achieve a greater impact, improving their management, taking advantage of their growth possibilities, promoting their visibility, making the coordination among them more efficient and taking into consideration these previous reflections, the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation has elaborated a National Plan of Centers of Excellence. This Plan is conceived as a continuous effort to improve associative research based on Centers in Chile, which is based on 5 principles Excellence and adaptability, Association, Diversity, Evolution and Linkage.

In response to the adequate execution of this Plan, the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID) has formed the Sub-Directorate of Centers, which seeks to coordinate the instruments responsible for financing Research Centers in order to make optimal use of the public resources entrusted for this purpose, establish clear regulations shared by all the Centers, and support this way of doing collaborative science.

Within the framework of the Plan for Centers, the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID) calls for the presentation of proposals for Development Plans and Proposals for Continuity Plans for Science and Technology Centers of Excellence to be eligible for Basal Financing.