Dr. Alex Berg, Executive Director

a.berg(at)udt.cl / +56 41 266 1811

Lines of research:

  • Delignification processes in acetic acid medium.
  • Extraction and use of polyphenols (tannins) from pine bark.
  • Design and development of technologies associated with forest biorefineries.


  • PhD in Natural Sciences, UNIVERSITÄT HAMBURG. Germany, 1989
  • Chemical Civil Engineer, UNIVERSITY OF CONCEPCIÓN. Chile, 1983

Professional Experience

  • Researcher
    Bundesforschungsanstalt für Forst- und Holzwirtschaft, Germany
    January 1984 – January 1987
  • Acetocell Process Project Manager
    Veba Oel AG, Germany
    July 1987 – December 1993
  • Executive Director of UDT
    University of Concepción, Chile
    January 1996 – Present date
  • Member of the Board of Directors
    Neumann Secadores S.A., Chile
    January 2013 – Present date
  • Member of the Board of Directors
    Lota-Arauco Technical Training Center, Chile
    January 1999 – Present date
  • Member of the Executive Committee Mecesup Program
    Ministry of Education, Chile
    January 1999 – January 2002
  • Member of the Executive Committee of Graduate Scholarships
    CONICYT, Chile
    January 2003 – January 2005
  • Member of the Executive Committee Competition for Thesis Making in Industry
    January 2007 – January 2008
  • Alternate Director
    Advanced Polymer Research Center (CIPA), Chile
    January 2003 – January 2010
  • Interim Director
    Advanced Polymer Research Center (CIPA), Chile
    January 2010 – January 2011
  • Member of the Executive Committee Innovation Fund Bio Bio Bio Region
    CORFO, Chile
    January 1996 – January 2001
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Economic Development Corporation Coronel-Lota, Chile
    January 2001 – January 2004
  • Director
    Technical Association of Pulp and Paper, ATCP, Chile
    January 2008 – January 2009
  • Member of the Board of Directors
    Regional Unity Council (CUR) of the “Agricultural Nutritional Genomics Centre” (CGNA), Chile
    January 2006 – January 2009
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Industrial patents granted


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Industrial Patent Applications (pending)


BERG, A.: Process for obtaining fractions of commercial interest from bark or wood. Chilean Patent Registration 48761, May 04, 2007.


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