On Monday 23, starting at 16:00 hrs., Dr. Sara Robinson from the Oregon State University will tell her innovative experience in entrepreneurship based on art and science, through the natural wood coloring using fungi. The activity was held in the auditorium of the Biotechnology Center at UdeC.

Coloring and drawing on wood using fungi, a pioneering fusion of art, science and entrepreneurship, is what Dr. Sara Robinson, a professor of renewable materials anatomy at the Oregon State University, develops in her workshop / laboratory. She will also visit the Universidad de Concepcion.

Dr. Robinson, visiting with a delegation of OSU, will tell her experience on research, art and entrepreneurship on an open group discussion (in English without translation), particularly on how she has conducted her work by using fungi for coloring wood, which is also a success entrepreneurship story based on science.

“We are interested in knowing how this happy and successful coexistence between art, science and entrepreneurship has been achieved. In addition, we are working with Sara in entrepreneurial projects, industrial applications, and research with species of interest to the forest industry and native fungi of Chile”, says Vicente Hernández, Associate Researcher of the Performance Agreement on Bioeconomy of UdeC, where the Technological Development Unit also participates.

According to Hernández, “the idea is to explore all possibilities for better use of wood and other natural resources. One of our objectives as an agreement is to seek innovative alternatives for using biomass and this is an excellent example of how to add value to wood and fungi in a sustainable way”.

Source: www.bioeconomiachile.cl