During the week from August 5 to 11 in Concepción, the delegation from various universities in the United States participated in the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program of the University of Maine together with the Technological Development Unit, UDT, of the Universidad de Conception.

For 2 months, undergraduate students from different US universities conducted a research internship at the University of Maine, including 2 students from the Universidad de Concepcion. In addition, 2 of the North American students conducted their internships at UDT. At the end of the period, a one-week technical visit was held to institutions and companies related to the topics of interest in the Biobío Region. The activity ended with the presentation of all researches carried out in a Seminar at UDT.

In 2017, Gustavo Chaparro, Chemical Engineering student, and Rogers Escalup, Mechanical Engineering student both from the Universidad de Concepción conducted their research internships at the University of Maine.

Kylee Mockler Martens, Chemical Engineering student at Oregon State University, who worked in the Environment Department, and Maria French, Mechanical Engineering student at Robert Morris University, who worked in the Bioproducts Department, came from the United States to UDT last June.