With support of the Ministry of Energy and Conicyt, the course “Biogas as a source of energy: implementation and evaluation of projects” will be carried out. Among the featured speakers include experts from Spain, Sweden and Chile, who will deliver the necessary concepts and tools to promote the generation and use of biogas in Chile from residual raw material, combining the empirical experience with theoretical and scientific knowledge.
The initiative, which includes 40 hours, will begin on June 22, ending on July 21, 2012. Classes will be held in the city of Santiago at the Punto Verde of Las Condes, on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.


The course organizer is the Technological Development Unit (UDT) from the Universidad de Concepción, a research center with 15 years of experience characterized by having a close relationship with the productive sector and the ability to scale processes at the industrial level.
Among the projects implemented by UDT on biogas, there is a Fondef project on generation and use of biogenic gases to replace natural gas, from which a geo-referenced database was obtained with the potential of biomass available in the Bio Bio Region to produce biogas.
Other initiatives include the project “Biogenic methane as vehicle fuel – SGNV”, in which a technology is being developed for the purification of biogas; and the project supported by CONICYT called “Development of technology solutions for the production, preparation and use of biogas as a source of energy”.
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