More than 150 students participating in this activity, which aims to motivate young people on issues related to science and technology, heard a talk and toured different facilities. The young people of Chile Va! 2013 Bio Bio Region began their day early by visiting the Interactive Center of Sciences, Arts and Technologies (CICAT), in which Alex Berg, Executive Director of the Technological Development Unit (CPU) of the Universidad de Concepcion, gave a talk on Forest Biorefineries.

The Doctor of Natural Resources and Chemical Engineer told about the beginning of his scientific career to then discuss on forest biorefineries and biomass explaining the importance of this natural resource for the country with practical examples. “In Chile we have excellent opportunities to be leaders in this field, as we have many forests, which are the cheapest in the world”, he said.

When one of the visitors asked him about how he decided for this career, he said: “I do not know the answer. I’m sure I would have been happy as a philosopher, gardener or engineer. My chemistry teacher basically motivated me, but if I had a good biology teacher probably I would have studied something else. The important thing is to do what you like”.

After the talk, the students were divided into two groups to visit the facilities of CICAT and UDT.

It should be noted that Chile Va! is an initiative of the EXPLORA CONICYT Program organized by Innova Bío Bío and funded by the Regional Government, which seeks to create a cultural change in young people through the enchantment with science and technology.

The activities end on April 12 by firing rockets, after that the 159 participating students will become part of the great family of Chilevanenses that already has more than 2.200 young people across the country.