UDT-UdeC signs cooperation agreement with BOKU University from Austria

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A delegation of seven people from BOKU University headed by Prof. Martin H. Gerzabek met with Alex Berg, Director of the Technological Development Unit, UDT, and academicians and researchers from University of Concepción, to formalize the cooperation agreement between the two institutions.

Tournament of Biotechnological Entrepreneurships

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Promoting technology-based entrepreneurships is the main objective of the "Tournament of Biotechnological Entrepreneurships from the Bio Bio Region to the Global Market" carried out by the Universidad del Desarrollo in partnership with the Technological Development Unit (UDT) of UdeC co-funded by Corfo.

Latin American Congress on Biorefineries 2015

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During three days, the city of Concepcion gathered more than 200 experts from around the world to exchange knowledge and experiences on new uses of materials from the forest, countryside and the sea.