Solar technology to purify water

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UDT installs and starts up new technology of solar photoreactors to treat polluted water. One of the photoreactors performs oxidation of contaminating emerging molecules and pathogenic microorganisms, and the other is designed to reduce toxic metals.

3 UDT projects were recognized at the UDEC 2017 Awards – Impact Science

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A material with medical use, a biodegradable system for cloning trees and a process to obtain material for manufacturing insulating panels, were the UDT patent applications recognized in the first "UdeC Awards: Science with Impact".

UDT is part of the team that obtained the invention patent number 100 for UdeC

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The patent holding the honor of being the 100th of our university corresponds to a reactor system and its process for producing bio-oil by ultra-fast pyrolysis of plant organic material. It was developed by Igor Wilkomirsky of the Faculty of Engineering in conjunction with the Technological Development Unit.