Biocomp2016 Announces Plenary Speakers

Experts from Slovenia, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand will present plenary lectures at the 13th Symposium on Bio Based Compounds in the Pacific Rim, Biocomp2016

Pine seed oil: The new project that prevents obesity and diabetes

The pine seed oil has appetite regulatory properties and able to reduce insulin resistance, controlling the metabolic syndrome. UDT and associated companies working on producing a nutraceutical and bring it to market.

Sustainable innovation made in the Biobio Region is already on the market

Wood-plastic products made from material developed with recycled plastic and wood waste by the Technological Development Unit, UDT, with the support of Corfo are sold in 20 large stores of the country.

UdeC seeks to use poultry and pig waste as an alternative to produce biochar

UDT and the Faculty of Agronomy, Campus Chillan, UdeC, came together to develop a project for to give a new use of residues from the production of pigs and poultry through the production of biochar.

UDT is part of the team that obtained the invention patent number 100 for UdeC

The patent holding the honor of being the 100th of our university corresponds to a reactor system and its process for producing bio-oil by ultra-fast pyrolysis of plant organic material. It was developed by Igor Wilkomirsky of the Faculty of Engineering in conjunction with the Technological Development Unit.

Sir Harold Kroto: 1939 – 2016

Sir Harold Kroto passed away on April 30th at age 76. He was an extraordinary scientist, "devout atheist" as he defined himself, and tireless disseminator of science among children and young people.

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